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Pepper Pot, Smokin' Hot!


Pepper Pot is a thick stew of beef tripe (stewing beef is now prefered), vegetables, pepper and other seasonings. The soup was first made in West Africa and the Caribbean before being taken to North America through slave trade and made into a distinctively Philadelphian dish by colonial Black women in the 19th century. It was one of the first street foods, sold by so-called "Pepper Pot women", and was at one point the symbolic food of the city, much like the cheesesteak today.



Onion, Garlic, Med Sea Salt, Mignonette, Pimento (Jamaican Allspice), Cloves, Cayenne, Paprika (Smoked), Jalapeño, Paprika (Sweet), Thyme

Allergens are in CAPITALS



  • HANDCRAFTED PREMIUM BBQ RUB - Our high-grade herbs, spices and premium quality fresh ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and are carefully hand-blended to get the consistent savoury flavour.


  • RESEALABLE ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING - To ensure your BBQ spice will not lose its quality, aroma and taste after the first use, we pack it in a re-sealable bag. This ensures the flavour, aroma and original nature of this grilling spice stay until your last use. 


  • DESIGNED FOR CONSISTENT RESULTS - We developed this rub so you don't have to worry about seasoning your meat or veggies. The BBQ Rub provides a consistent and delicious flavour you can count on time and time again.
  • DRY OR WET RUB - You can use this seasoning rub either wet or dry on your food and the results will not be different. Guaranteed to give your dish a mouth-watering smell and delicious taste, our spice mixes will make your dishes the talk of your family and friends.

PHILADELPHIA Pepper Pot Seasoning

PriceFrom £3.50
    • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.
    • Gluten free with no preservatives or MSG.


    Packaged in heat sealed, food grade, re-sealable kraft paper + pet + poly pouches.


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    Tenacious Taste is the definition of delicious! Founded in 2020, we like to say we are bringing joy to the mouth and it’s something we hope to be doing for years to come.  But we offer more than just high-quality, delicious products.  We are a full-service spice store that has become an important part of the local community.



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