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We Won a Great Taste Award!

On 1st August 2022 we were delighted with the news that we won an enormously prestegious Great Taste Award from The Guild of Fine Food for TEMPTING Tandoori Rub.

Here is what The Guild had to say about TEMPTING Tandoori:

"Vibrant colour and spicy aromas with cardamom and garam masala on the nose. Punchy flavours of mixed spice in the dry product are full force with a really salty base. This carries through onto the piece of chicken that we had coated in the rub - it proved delicious and well seasoned. The producer has blended spices with care and attention whilst remembering the seasoning aspect which is bang on. Delicious with our chicken and we would love to try it on other foods. A colourful, aromatic, bright and zesty rub which worked very well on chicken. We admired the meld of rounded heat and aromatic spice, alongside a touch of sour fruitiness from the amchoor. 'A subtle hum' is a good phrase, though some of us felt the impact of heat more strongly! Very pleasing all in all."

We are all so very proud of this award and look forward to entering many more rubs into the competion next year!

TEMPTING Tandoori Rub is available in 75g, 150g & 250g starting at £5.35

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